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Connecticut Casinos May Be Allowed a 24-Hour Bar

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If Governor M. Jodi Rell’s proposal passes, Connecticut casinos will be allowed to have a 24-hour bar.  Governor Rell and Republican lawmakers have made this proposal in the hope of stimulating the economy and to bring more money to Connecticut.

Currently, Connecticut has a potential $1.35 billion deficit and this proposal could produce around $5 million every year for the state.

However, democrats are opposed to this plan for many reasons, including the risks to drivers, passengers and pedestrians.  Many believe that Connecticut would have to spend extra money on DUI enforcement and roadblocks, since there could potentially be many more drunk drivers on the roads.  The proposal was not unusual, as Nevada and New Jersey already allow casinos to serve alcohol around the clock.

There is a fear that if this plan passes, there would be more drunk driving accidents in Connecticut.  The body burns off alcohol at approximately .016 BAC per hour, which is usually equivalent to one drink.  People who are consistently drinking are generally not pacing themselves that way.  Drinking and gambling at all hours of the night and morning could cause more people to get behind the wheel drunk in Connecticut.

According to an article posted on Dailycampus.com, a bar that is not open 24 hours, does not necessarily deter people from drinking, as many people have liquor hidden away somewhere.

Those in agreement with Governor Rell’s plan believe that casinos with 24-hour bars can help the economy, but the casino should take measures to prohibit late night drinkers from driving.

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