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Police Bust A Root Beer Kegger

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Vaughan de Kirby
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Local police in Wasau, Wisconsin may have gotten a bit carried away. 

But in their defense, it’s no fun to be played for a fool, especially by a bunch of teenagers.

When police received a call complaining of cars blocking the road, a few offers were dispatched to the scene. What they found when they got there was unmistakable, or so they thought. A car lined street, loud music, a house full of high school students drinking from red cups, loud music, drinking games, a keg—who wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that the house was full of drunk minors?

Much to their surprise, the police found that the keg was full, not of beer, but of root beer—1919 Classic American Draft Root Beer, to be precise.

It’s hard to blame the police officers for feeling like they had been set up. Clearly, the party was a prank, and they were the intended victims. 

But the way they proceeded to handle the situation suggested an inability to take a joke.

The poor sports lined up some 90 teenagers and breathalyzed every single one. 

Their rational seems to have been that, if they could find at least one partygoer who was drunk—and it seems likely that at least one would have brought some liquor to the otherwise sober party—then they would save face. That or they were simply pissed off and wanted to arrest someone.

The result: teenagers 1, police 0. 

To their supreme disappointment, no doubt, the cops kept coming up with 0.00%. 

Teenagers, in general, are not the most organized creatures on the planet. So who was the mastermind behind the root beer kegger? 

His name is Dustin Zebro, an eighteen-year-old student at the local high school. He got the idea for the party after a few of his friends were suspended from sports when the school found pictures of them drinking from red cups. 

His point? Don’t judge a beverage by its container.  

Point made.

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