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Why You May Have Been Pulled Over for DUI/DWI

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You do not have to be driving drunk to be arrested for DWI or DUI.  Drivers are frequently accused of driving under the influence, when in fact, they were never drunk.  Even if you have only had a couple of drinks, you can be arrested for drunk driving if you are pulled over by a police officer.

A police officer has to have a justifiable reason to pull you over for suspected drunk driving.    However, it is not difficult for them to find an excuse, but they usually only focus on the vehicles with obvious violations.  For example, if you are speeding, run a red light or roll through a stop sign, chances are that you will be pulled over by a police officer.  You should also be aware that if you have had a prior DUI or DWI conviction and are driving around late at night, police officers will be looking for a reason to pull you over.  Police officers are known to spend a lot of time reading license plate numbers by inputting them into a central database.  A prior DWI or DUI conviction will show up for the registered driver of the vehicle.

The time of day that you are on the road can also make the difference as to whether or not you will be stopped for DUI or DWI.   Police officers will be looking for drunk drivers during regular bar hours and during special events, such as festivals and sporting events.  Try to avoid areas that are highly concentrated with bars and nightclubs, which will reduce your odds of being pulled over for drunk driving.

The article, What to Expect During a DUI or DWI Stop, has more information about this topic.

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2 Comments to "Why You May Have Been Pulled Over for DUI/DWI"

My son was stopped this past week-end for no apparent reason. No citation was issued nor was there a reason given by the police officer for the stop. he was charged w/ a DUI. I would love to see the responses to your comment above as I do not know the law.
Posted by VAD on August 25, 2009 at 10:39 AM
MY friend was stopped for speeding, (which he admittedly was) however he was then charged with a DUI. The Officer did not press any speeding charge, only the DUI charge.
Question, as there was no documentation of the speeding charge, can the officer show any probable cause to have pulled him over in the first place? As no other charges or violations were written up other then the DUI. Can my friend argue that ther was no probable cause for being stopped in the first case as there were no other charges or violations filed on the citation? Could this be considered as an illegal search or seizure as there is no documented reason for stoppeong him shown on the citaion? This incident occuerd a month ago in Texas if that matters. He has yet to be arighened but is schedualed for that next week. Is this a viable defence he could use?
Posted by Jim F on August 22, 2009 at 11:27 PM

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