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I've been arrested. When will I be released?


A: Before you are released, the police will contact a judge who decides whether you will be released without bail, with bail, or kept in custody. Most likely, you will be released without bail and you will be given paperwork telling you when your next court date is and where the Court is located. This is called being released “on your own recognizance.” If the judge decides to set bail instead, you will be given additional paperwork. When you are released you should contact a lawyer regarding the possibility of lowering your bail or being released on your own recognizance instead. If the judge decides not to release you, you must be taken before the Judge on the next available Court day after your arrest. Generally speaking, this will occur within 48 hours of your arrest, whether you were arrested on the weekend or any other day during the week. If you are in custody when you appear in Court for the first time, the judge must decide whether to adjust your bail or release you on your own recognizance. The judge will consider several factors when making this decision, including the charges filed against you, your living arrangements, your employment, your family considerations, prior criminal record, probation status, and any other reasons why you should or should not be released.