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What's probable cause?


A: When the lights start flashing behind you, the first thing that you may wonder is why you are being pulled over. What you should know is that, if the police officer suspects that you were driving under the influence, and pulls you over for that reason, the officer must have had “probable cause” before pulling you over. There are many things that give a police officer the necessary probable cause to pull you over legally for driving under the influence. The most common ones are listed below. • Driving on or over the lane divide • Drifting into the other lane • Making a wide turn • Making an illegal turn • Weaving in your lane • Braking frequently • Nearly missing an object or another car • Driving very slowly, generally more than 10 miles below speed limit • Swerving • Driving with your headlights off • Not making turn signals, or making inappropriate turn signals • Stopping in the middle of the road for no reason • Accelerating or decelerating too quickly • Following another car too closely